Using past knowledge and available facts to try and predict what might happen, by making an educated guess.


Cornwall Civic


March 19th,


20+ Industry Professionals


Hypothesis is a one-day event for small business owners and professionals who are looking for a no-fluff, no BS approach to business, branding, and digital marketing.


Because isn’t that what we’re all doing as small business owners and professionals? Taking chances based on the information we’ve acquired with our research and experiences?

Let's Get Started!

Our Speakers

Jamil Bhuya

Keynote Speaker

Jamil Bhuya is an entrepreneur who founded Burgers n’ Fries Forever (BFF) and co-founded Yellow Beauty. Burgers n’ fries Forever has grown to 3 locations throughout Ontario with further goals to franchise. BFF has been featured on Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here, Huffington Post Canada, and other publications. Yellow Beauty has been featured in various publications including GQ, Brit+Co, Allure, Bustle, Girlboss, and MIC. 

When the team started talking about hosting this event – HYPOTHESIS – we felt it was essential that our attendees heard from people who were currently experimenting – and succeeding – with unique approaches to their business.

Jamil’s direct-yet-humble approach to discussing the success of his entrepreneurial journey resonates with our team. We’re confident it will vibrate with you too!

This talk will inspire and help you focus on what’s essential: starting.

Jamil Bhuya


Karine Parthenais

Business & Brand Strategist

Diana Delaney

Owner/Design Lead

Mark Sicard

MS Design

Creative Director

Alyssa Beltempo

Slow Fashion Expert

Calvin Morrow

Lead Front End Developer

Framed Photography


Ameet Khabra

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising specialist

Brittany Gawley

Photographer & Educator

The Agenda

A quick overview of what you can expect at

Keynote talk with

Jamil Bhuya

Session #1

Business Strategy

Isn’t it about time you picked a damn lane? This panel will shift your perspective and help you see the value in simplifying to do more work that you love. Expect an honest conversation that will help you better understand that you can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Session #2

Photography & Videography

A session on how to get the most out of your investment in digital assets like photography and video. (Because we’re tired of seeing you waste your money.) And because we know your budget is tight, let industry pros help you see how you can take your dollar further with better planning.

Session #3

Social Media

We don’t believe small business owners need elaborate strategies online; they need to show up consistently and be human. This talk will help you better understand social and teach you how to leverage the tools available to build a better business/personal brand.

Session #4


Small business owners and professionals often overlook the little details that help build a brand. Consistency is key, and it’s completely achievable even on an entrepreneurial budget. Expect a talk with industry professionals who will offer their best tips for building a brand that’s got a lasting impression.

session #5


This talk will give you the ammo you need to build a website that effectively communicates your story, resonates with your audience, and converts prospects into leads. Plus, what do you do once you have a site? Our experts will share tips and tricks on how to get the most from your online presence.

Session #6


Our lab team will sit down to give you a behind the scenes, real talk, no-BS look at our experiences collaborating to better serve folks just like you! Plus, learn from our approach and walk away with tips on how collaboration within your industry can help you reach your goals.


Two Words: Downtown Lunch

We’ll break for lunch so you can recharge for the second half of the day. We encourage you to explore downtown Cornwall and check out some of our local eateries. Yes, that’s right. You’ll leave the conference venue, head out for some fresh air to get those creative juices flowing, and stuff your face before coming back for more goodness in the afternoon. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make a new friend, and you can dine together!

Feeling peckish during the day? Lucky You!

Our good pals at the Happy Popcorn Co. are excited to share some of their delicious, kernelled creations! We guarantee you’ll be happy about sampling their tasty treats!

Ticket Price

We don’t have sponsors for this event. We’re leaning on our business community (YOU!) to help us make this a success. By investing in yourself and attending our event, you’re contributing the growth of a much-needed, local resource for small business owners and professionals.

Plus, feel good knowing that services needed throughout the day will be provided by local, small business owners, like you. We want to put our money where our mouth is and support people who are shaping our community.


Until Feb 1st @ 11:59pm



Ultra-low intro rate for the people who believe in our ability to put on a fab event!!

Early Bird

Feb 2nd - feb 17th



Discounted rate because we appreciate your commitment! You’re seriously the best.

Full Rip

Feb 18th - March 15th



This is what we should have charged everyone from the get-go. There’s some serious value here. Promise.

Is There an Official After Party?

Hell Yeah!

158 Pitt St. Cornwall, ON.

We’ll wrap up the day by inviting everyone back to Schnitzel’s to unwind after our busy day! Enjoy some beverages with your new friends and recap the day. Finger foods included!

Ready to make
some moves?

Want to launch fast?

Our signature service takes you from start to finish in as little as 4 weeks.


We begin by making sure you’ve picked your lane and you’re confident in the direction. The new strategy becomes the reference point for your business and brand, so you can feel confident in your marketing investment.



We book you in with our photographer to make sure we’re telling the right story with your imagery. It’s important that we stay true to your brand, so we’ll be sure to include you in the creative process. Bonus? We also shoot content for you to share on your social channels.



Once you’ve completed your homework tasks and helped us with bullet points, we send everything off to our content writer to make sure we’re properly communicating your message. Content is only king if you’re intentional.



We’ll load your new shots and your content to bulk up your social presence and give everything a cohesive look. Brand recognition happens when you’re consistent throughout all of your channels. We’ll make you look good online and make sure your ideal clients can find you!



Once we’ve got all of the big parts planned, we’ll tie it all up with new branded business cards so you can feel confident putting your best foot forward when meeting new clients or attending social events. Need more design work? Don’t fret. Our graphic artist is just down the hall!



We’ll spend the day together and build your website with you at the lab! Don’t like the font? Let’s change it. Want to move that image over? No problem. Walk away from our day together with a website ready to convert your audience into paying clients!